Ready made company

We are offering ready made limited companies also for foreigners. You will save time by buying a ready made company. We will prepare all the documents for You. The capital stocks (2.500,00€) have been paid. The companies are registered to the Finnish Trade Register and have business numbers. The companies are new. Please ask for a price list email it will include also the company names. The Tax Administer registers such as prepayment, vat and employee registers are all applied when the contract is made. We also have older companies that are already registered in the Tax Administration registers.

Companies for sale:

Dnasat Oy Founded in 19.11.2010
Elisavahti Oy Founded in 22.01.2010
Sarlia Oy Founded in 2020
Rosneft Oy Founded in 2013
Transneft Oy Founded in 2013
Eckero Oy Founded in 2013
Londia Oy Founded in 2018

The information needed if You decide to buy a new company:

1.  New owners / board members / substitute members: Names, date of birth dd.mm.yyyy and passport copies.
How many board members?
If just one you will need a substitute member.
2. Owners and company’s new address.
3. Phone number and possible email address if you want to register those.
4. New main line of business (all new companies are registered with wide business area “all legal business”, but the Tax Office needs a specify line of business, for example “Construction”)
5. Registers to be entered in: VAT Register / Employer Register / Prepayment Register
6. The municipality in our companies is HELSINKI, FINLAND. Please let us know if you want to change the municipality of the company.

All actions can be done via email.